HDP-610 - HUB Profibus DP IP-66/67



The HUB Profibus DP IP-66/67 HDP-610 enables the extension and consequent regeneration of the RS-485 communication signal, amplifying the data signal and coupling Profibus DP network segments in a branched form. It has termination circuits built into both channels, removing the need for active terminators, and can be mounted on a standard 35mm DIN rail.
Here are some of its features:
·         24V Power supply
·         5 galvanically isolated master channels
·         Amplification of the data signal
·         Anti-glitch filter for signal reception
·         Total of 32 devices per segment
·         Maximum cable length of 1200m. (for a baud rate of 9.6kbps)
·         Auto Baud Rate compatible with: 9.6kbps to 12Mbps
·         Supports Profibus DP and FMS protocols
·         Addressing is not needed
·         Cable: Type A ac. EN50170
·         1 power indication LED
·         2 bus status LEDs, for secondary and master channels
·         1 DB9 front Profibus DP connector for master and secondary channels
·         2 screw connectors for A/B SD, SI, A'/B' SD 'and SI' signals for the master terminals
·         1 screw connector for A/B SD and SI signals for the secondary channel terminals
·         Compact and low profile
·         Short circuit protection between channels.