HDP-210 - Multi-channel Spur/Repeater Profibus DP




The Multi-channel Spur/Repeater Profibus DP HDP-210 enables the expansion and the consequent regeneration of the RS-485 communication signal, amplify data signals and couple Profibus DP network segments by branches.

Their main application are isolate noisy channels and segment the Profibus bus, while allowing better network structure layout.


  • HDP-210


  • 24Vdc power source
  • 5 channels galvanically isolated from the master.
  • Data signals amplification
  • Anti-glitch filter for the transmission signal
  • 32 devices per segment
  • Compatible with 9.6kbps to 12Mbps Baud and AutoBaud rates:
  • Supports Profibus DP e FMS protocols
  • No addressing is necessary
  • 1 power supply indication LED
  • 2 bus status LEDs for secondary channel and master. 
  • 1  Profibus DP frontal DB9 connector for secondary channel and master
  • 2 A/B SD and SI and A’/B’ SD’ signals connectors 
  • 1 A/B SD and SI connector by screw terminal blocks for secondary channels 
  • 2 A/B SD and SI and A’/B’ SD’ signals connectors 
  • 1 A/B SD and SI connector for screw terminal blocks signals for secondary channels 
  • Compact and low profiled
  • Secondary channel connection up to 6 HUBs in cascade


  • 6VA

Power Supply:

  • 9 ~ 28,8 Vdc


  • Profibus DP, DP-V1, DP-V2, PROFIdrive, MPI etc


  • Aluminum case and lateral covers in PA 6.6-FR (Flame-resistant Polyamide)


  • DIN 35mm rail

Degree of Protection:

  • IP-20


  • 75,4 x 104 x 58,5mm