Applications Engineering

  • Electric Projects 


    With its team of experienced Electrical Engineers and adequate software, DLG carries out  technical surveys for our clients to elaborate projects to suit their real requirements, always aiming at providing the best protection from and reliability on the system.


    DLG Automation Panels and CCMs are designed with one the most modern available tools: the Caddy++ Electrical.






    SPDA Projects


    The SPDA projects (Systems of Protection Against Atmospheric Discharges) are elaborated with expertise and high degree of details, including:

    • Risk Analysis
    • Executive Project
    • Complete List of Materials
    • Typical Installation Drawings




    Electric Calculations


    To provide its clients with the largest possible useful information, DLG offers them unifilar diagrams, one of the best software for electric calculation, the ETAP, for:

    • Detailed Unifilar
    • Load Flow Calculation
    • Power Factor Correction
    • Short-circuit Calculation
    • Cable Load Determination
    • Incident Energy (“Arc-Flash) Calculation
    • ATPV Determination




    Field Technical Assistance 


    Ready to meet emergency situations, a team of engineers and technicians trained by DLG, Siemens, Schneider and other companies is prepared to solve problems in industrial processes and equipment, especially Hart and Profibus protocols.